An Award And A Dilemma

Where do I start? Maybe with this fact: since starting this food blog in May 2010 I have gathered a few followers, which makes me really happy. To this day – I’ve said this before – I would still be happy with only the ten people I know personally reading it. So I appreciate even more every single reader (yes, I mean YOU!) on top of those ten. And I’m not just saying that, I mean it.

The other day, though, I was contemplating doing a survey here asking people whether they come to look at the pictures, or if they actually care about having a recipe to go with the pics. Maybe I should change the concept to something like “Look what I made” and just post the pics. The reason this thought came up was because I read a lot of food blogs myself, and what I’ve noticed is that people generally seem to like commenting and giving feedback on posts. On other people’s posts, that is, not mine. Although I have to admit I’m not that big a commenter myself…. So I was wondering whether I was doing something wrong, whether what I write here just does not inspire comments, maybe it’s these long monologues that precede my recipes, or the recipes are too much work and something someone else would not want to make. Maybe I should try to find out what people really want to see or read, or why they come back here.

And then I found out that Fiona of Big Hungry Gnomes has presented me with the Liebster Blog award. I saw I had traffic coming in via Fiona’s website, so I checked where exactly it was coming from. Then I actually squealed when I saw this blog’s name among the five she passed on this award to.

What surprised me even more was Fiona’s description:
Dinner for (n)one – a great food blog with a touch of glamour, a hint of elegance and a lot of creativity.

Okay, I love the new layout here, and I guess you could call it elegant. Glamour? Wow, thank you! And last but not least creativity. I felt I was lacking that a little these last few months, and have actually sat down just before Easter because I suddenly had this surge of new ideas. So I guess I can just keep on doing what I do. Funnily – and it really is a coincidence – one of the recipes I’ll be posting soon has some ingredients that were inspired by reading a post on Big Hungry Gnomes.

Thank you very much, Fiona! If you people don’t know Big Hungry Gnomes yet, go have a look!

Now to the dilemma: I knew quite quickly which four blogs I wanted to pass the award on to, but because so many people whose blogs I read have already received it (some even more than once), or have hundreds of followers already (as opposed to below 200 – one of the award criteria) I couldn’t find a fifth one. I’ve spent hours searching through my RSS subscriptions, WP subscriptions and blogs I bookmarked for recipes to make, and every time I thought I’d found one, the above two dilemmas came up again. So I hope I will be forgiven for only coming up with four blogs, I honestly did my best finding more – and even for those I can’t vouch for the number of followers they already have. Here they are, nevertheless (in alphabetical order):

Can’t Live Without – A fairly new blog with lovely creative and easy to follow recipes.

Chez Chloe – An entertaining, down to earth blog that tells it like it is without mincing words, which I totally enjoy. And let’s not forget the recipes…

Eating for England – Great doable recipes and often unusual ingredients, which I love. Also a clean, fresh looking format as well as lovely pictures.

Feed The Piglet – Hearty, delicious food, elegantly displayed and nicely photographed.

I hope you’ll give these blogs a chance and check out what they’re doing!

I’ll be back with the results of my creative surge soon!