Welcome to my dinner table – Part 6

I had this post prepared sitting in my drafts folder for a long while now. My impression was that this dinner table series wasn’t that interesting to readers, so I canned it. Today, though, I remembered it because the fat pink candle seen below has died a natural death, and as this was supposed to be the last part of that series anyway (I hadn’t taken any pics at the following dinners), I thought “What the heck!? Get it out and over with.” So there you go.

This dinner took place in July 2011 when the weather was absolutely fantastic. In addition to my old + new friends mix my guests included a new couple, another colleague and his wife. This was the first time they had a babysitter and were able to attend. Great group, we had a really good time.

I also remember the menu because I had taken up an idea from The Kitchn who did a piece on butcher paper table runners that you could write on. Only I couldn’t get my hands on butcher paper (not even sure we have that here, I’ve never seen it) and used painter’s paper instead, which you buy in a roll and put down wherever you need to paint. It’s thicker than butcher paper, but it still worked and could easily be written on despite its slightly wavy structure, so I wrote down the menu on it:

Gazpacho Blanco
Avocado & Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta
Tomato Salad with Lemon Vanilla Dressing
Aubergine with Buttermilk Sauce & Moorish Meat Skewers
Lemongrass Crème Brûlée

I really liked the contrast between the slightly drab paper and my colourful accessories. I was happy to have been able to get my guests together in the middle of summer, because my very summery accessories had just been sitting there waiting their turn to adorn my dinner table. Orange and pink were the colours du jour (or rather de la nuit). I also managed to get some flowers on our Friday market that fit the colour theme.

The paper napkins had orange and aubergine coloured circles on them, I had some orange candles and a fat pink one, and I used the little pink vases again. All in all, colourful single pieces, but not too wild, and a good contrast to the paper table runner. The menu was written down with a silver Edding paint marker.