(Temporary) New Layout

This morning I discovered – as did probably all WP bloggers using the TwentyTen theme –  that a new feature called infinite scrolling was introduced. Without the possibility to opt out. Infinite scrolling means you don’t just get to see the number of posts on the home page that I defined but that if you scroll down, you can scroll down to the very beginnings of this blog. Who wants that?  I certainly don’t. It doesn’t look good and to me is quite annoying.

So I decided to have a quick change of themes, one that would accommodate my picture layout, especially the 2 pics side-by-side layout, without me having to do any work. In the hope that the change to TwentyTen is temporary or offers an opt-out. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to put more thought into the theme thing. Until then, unfortunately, my English and German blogs now look almost identical, but as I mentioned, I chose this theme for convenience.

Let’s wait and see what happens.