Citrus Fruit & Cardamom Jelly

Once something has grabbed my attention – an ingredient, technique or method -, I like getting back to it. Those of you who have gotten to know me over these last two years of blogging might remember various versions of panna cotta, blood orange recipes and ice cream.

So I had lots of citrus fruit lying around waiting to be juiced and was thinking of pairing them off with a spice, namely cardamom. Don’t ask me how that came about. I mentally scanned the contents of my spice cabinet, and cardamom just stood out. Then I had to check with a friend if he thought it was OK to post yet another jelly recipe after posting two of them not so long ago. He said it was, so I decided you’d probably be OK with it, too. As long as it doesn’t turn into a jelly making obsession…

With the citrus fruit and cardamom on hand, I thought I had everything I needed. A look into my canning jar drawer (yes! I have a pull-out canning jar drawer in my new kitchen cupboard!) told me I didn’t have any of my preferred 80 ml sized Weck jars left. I prefer that size because it makes a nice-sized gift. And the people I gift with my jams, jellies and marmalades usually return them to me once they’re empty.  Apparently they’re not empty yet – or are they and are just hanging out on someone’s kitchen counter waiting to be returned? *HINT*

I used a 3:1 gelling sugar, and reading the instructions on the package, I knew I had a little problem. You see, I’m a “basic maths” kind of person, and although the fruit to sugar ratio with this product is 3:1, it said that if you use fruit juice, you needed 1250 ml for 500 g sugar. Which is so not 3:1. And I only had 700 ml of juice. I opened the calculator on my laptop, stared at it, and decided to call my sister who currently tutors 1st  and 2nd graders in maths :-). Problem solved.

The citrus fruit I used was a mix of oranges, blood oranges, clementines, and pink grapefruit. As a last minute change, I used whole cardamom pods, cautiously cracked open a little with a pestle, instead of cardamom powder as first intended. The amount of juice is totally adaptable to what you have at home, by the way. In the recipe below, you’ll find the amounts I used for this specific batch.

Citrus Fruit & Cardamom Jelly

700 ml citrus fruit juice
208 ml 3:1 gelling sugar
cardamom pods

Combine fruit juice and sugar in a large pot, stir well, and bring to a boil. From the minute it starts a roiling boil, keep on boiling for 4 minutes.

Fill into clean, dry jars, drop a cardamom pod into each jar, and seal well. Let sit for about a day for the jelly to set and for the cardamom pod to unfold its aroma.

How did it turn out? I made the jelly this morning and opened the first jar a few minutes ago. I love it! You open the jar, and when you get closer you can subtly smell the cardamom. As for the taste – a fantastic combination, the citrus fruit not too sour, and you get a hint of the cardamom with it. I would make this again anytime.