Spiced Winter Porridge

Shortly before Christmas I read this post on Speculaaskruiden by London Eats, a really lovely spice mix that I made but unfortunately didn’t get to use because I didn’t have enough time to make more than the two kinds of cookies I’d already made.

However, I already had this vision of using it with either thick, creamy yogurt and some winter fruit, or porridge with some citrus fruit. This morning I decided on the latter, and I mixed up a new mini batch because I didn’t want the pepper, coriander and anise seeds in it for this wintery porridge version.

Spiced Winter Porridge 01

I only made one serving, and I used a 1 ml measuring spoon as it was the smallest measuring device I own. There are measuring spoons for a “pinch” out there, so if you own one of those you could use that (replace the “ml” in this recipe with “pinch”).

Making this for breakfast was a great start to my day. The bland porridge, tangy fruit, caramelised sugar and the spices made for an awesome combination. I normally use a little milk in my porridge but I left that out with this version as it was already perfect.

Spiced Winter Porridge 02

Spiced Winter Porridge

rolled oats for 1 (however much you like, I used a lot because I was hungry…)
filleted grapefruit
6 – 10 tbsp cane sugar
handful pecan nuts
2 ml ground cinnamon
½ ml ground cloves
½ ground mace
¼ ml ground ginger
¼ ml ground nutmeg
¼ ml ground cardamom

Spiced Winter Porridge 03

Cook the oats with water and a pinch of salt. Break the grapefruit fillets into pieces. Mix the cane sugar with all the spices.

Heat a non-stick pan and melt the spiced sugar. As soon as it’s melted – before it gets too dark! – add the pecans and grapefruit, stir quickly and well to make sure as much of the nuts and fruit are covered in the molten sugar.

Pour the porridge into a bowl and arrange the caramelised grapefruit & nut mix on top.

Spiced Winter Porridge 04