Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

When I started my German Blog in February this year, I said I wouldn’t be posting the same things I post on this one. Except if something turns out really spectacular. Well, this is not something spectacular, but I still decided to post the same recipe to both blogs today, because I have been out socialising so much this last week that I’m not up to speed with the housework, let alone cooking and baking. I admit to even using the same pictures, because I was in such a hurry I didn’t take that many.

On Friday we had our annual end-of-year party at work, on Saturday I was invited to a Brandy Punch Party (wanted to post the brandy punch recipe but it was made out in the garden in the late afternoon and it was already dark, so absolutely no acceptable pics, unfortunately), and from that party it was on to Christmas Brunch this morning.

I made the chocolate covered marshmallows on Saturday morning to take them to the Brandy Punch Party – they go quite well with that, or with mulled wine. I found the recipe in a little IKEA brochure that was lying around at a friend’s house, so I decided to make them as this is so quick and easy. I just added the chopped nuts and flaked coconut. Fun thing to bring to a party.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

½ pack (= 140 g) Marshmallows
150 g chocolate for coating
chopped nuts
flaked coconuts
wooden skewers

Skewer the marshmallows. Thinly spread the chopped nuts and flaked coconut onto some baking paper (separately). Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie.

Dip the skewered marshmallows into the molten chocolate, then roll them over the nut or coconut surface immediately. For drying, place the skewers in drinking glasses, or stick them into a flowerpot filled with decorating sand.