Welcome to my dinner table – Part 5

The Christmas Dinner 2010. I rarely have my family over for dinner, as my sister lives in another part of the country (which I’m happy to say will have changed by tonight as she’s on her way back here to the South for good! So this year Christmas dinner will be the four of us together again.), and my parents are the restless sort. If they come over for dinner or even just for coffee and cake on my birthday, they don’t really linger afterwards. My dad wants to have a nap on his couch, my mother needs to be busy all the time. I also think for them eating is a necessity. They eat, they’re done, that’s it. It’s not like having friends around where a meal is drawn out because of the company and the conversation. With my parents it’s rather a hasty affair. And I’m sorry to say that’s no fun.

Nevertheless, I decided to cook for the family last Christmas. Usually my sister would try to make it to the South for a visit over Christmas, but she couldn’t make it last year. My mother would go all out and cook dinner on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas Day, I’d decline but my sister would go to my parents’ for lunch, and on Boxing day we’d all eat at my parents’ again. So with my sister not being there, I decided I’d cook on Christmas Day.

On the menu: Carrot & Cumin Soup Oven Baked Pork Fillets with Onion & Mustard Topping Potato & Sweet Potato Mash Green Beans with Crispy Parma Ham

There was no dessert as neither of my parents is a dessert person. Sadly.

The table. I decided against linen because I had those christmassy red place mats with a white snowflake in the middle. You can’t see them in the pictures as they’re covered by the plates. Which brings me to the dinnerware – this was my maternal grandmother’s, and I only bring it out for “occasions”. The silver flatware was also my grandmother’s, but that I take out more often, depending on the style of my respective dinner tables, my friends get to use that as well.

I also like to use my engraved water glasses with the old dinner- and flatware, they’re modern but totally go with the old things. I brought out the slate rectangles again to put the glasses on, as well as the salt cellar and pepper pot. The little silver angel you can see in some of the pictures is actually a salt cellar. I got this as a hostess gift from a friend, she said the angel made her think of me. I never saw the demonic glint that must have shown in her eyes when she said that… Because the next dinner I invited her to I got the matching pepper pot the colour of which is anthracite, and she said that on second thought this one was more fitting than the angel – it’s a devil! It has jagged wings and the opening on its head is between two little horns. A very tasteful set, however, I really love it.

And with the family finally reunited, I think I might just go all out again this year, linen and all…