Welcome to my dinner table – Part 4

Another dinner with the “new constellation”, plus the husband of one of my best friends who moved to Dubai in October 2010 for her new job. I used to hang out at their place a lot, my friend and I would do girly stuff while her husband would cook or barbeque for us. He is a kitchen god, he truly is! So I tend to be twice as critical about what I cook when I have them over. This was the first dinner without my friend, and I missed her already, even though she had only just left.

Trying to remember what I made for this dinner, I realise I will have to make a note of the menu with all my future dinners, because I drew another blank with this one. The only thing I remember is the dessert. Because something actually went wrong with that. I had the foresight to make two desserts, just in case. Must have been a gut feeling. You can read all about it in my Margarita Ice Cream post, which was the “just in case” dessert I made. From that day on I would use this ice cream recipe as the basis for all other ice creams I would make. And I made a lot meanwhile. Probably more than is healthy…

What I also remember is that I went to the market in the city that morning to get some flowers. The colours were amazing, ranging from sunflower yellow to deep orange to red to rusty autumn shades, all incredibly vibrant.

New among my accessories were the pink vases, I’ve had them for a couple of months but hadn’t used them yet, the rustic tea light holders, and the slate rectangulars. These are another multi-functional thing – I’ve used them to serve hot ramekins on, to put salt, pepper and condiments onto at the table, as a sort of slate place mat to put tea mugs on. I recently bought more of them, this time little squares, also very handy and stylish.