Welcome to my dinner table – Part 3

This dinner took place in July 2010. The guests were three of my former class mates. We sort of found back together through one of our group who had kept in contact with all three of us individually. Us four are part of a larger group who go out every other month for breakfast on a Saturday, when I talk about them I call them the Breakfast Girls.

Our dinner was nicknamed the School Photo Dinner because each of us agreed to dig out our old school pics and have a good laugh. And that’s exactly what we did – laugh our heads off. And eat, of course.

On the menu that night:
Campari Citrus Popsicles (in lieu of a liquid aperitif)
Chorizo & Tomato Salad
Stacked Zucchini alla Parmigiana
Green Chocolate Mousse

You can find details on the food here, if you like.

I knew I’d be having a lot of food on the table, so I aimed for keeping the accessories to a minimum without the table looking naked. Also it was supposed to be very informal. This table used to belong to my grandmother and is 53 years old this year. It’s far from perfect, because when you pull out the leaves from underneath, the table legs stay in place, which means in theory three people will fit on each long side but not too comfortably, because the table legs are sort of in the way. Also, I would love to have a wider table in order to get more stuff on there. With two people sitting opposite each other, there is not too much space to put food in between them, what with all the accessories, glasses etc. However, I still love this table somehow, it has sentimental value. Plus I haven’t found the perfect table yet – it needs to be wide, have the perfect extendable leaf/table leg solution, it should fit six easily, preferably ten in total, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Oh, and it should fit into my living room. 🙂

Most of the accessories on this table are from IKEA. The little blue vases, the blue drinking glasses, the plates, and the striped glasses. These used to hold candles, and when they burned down, I kept them and am using them constantly, either to put in tea lights, or to serve dessert in. The blue stripes around those glasses are gift ribbons that I attached around them. I love having things that I can use for multiple purposes. Although if you really keep everything just because it could come in handy one day, you need a lot of storage space. I’m already running out… The one thing I really love on this dinner table are the little cocktail spoons (see pic above), which I kept ogling in a shop, left because they weren’t cheap, went back to ogle some more, and finally indulged in. The little jam jars were my gifts to the guests, some of my home made jam.