Blueberry Tartelettes

I have an admission to make: I’m a food waster. To my defence, I can honestly say I don’t do it on purpose, and it’s already gotten better since I became aware of it. However, it still happens. I buy all these perishables, totally enthusiastic about all the things I’m going to make, and then I find them sitting in the fridge because I didn’t have the time to make all the stuff I wanted to. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is like that, so please feel free to admit you are the same, and make me feel better.

I buy most of my fruit at our Friday market. I don’t usually buy too much, because I take it to work for lunch or as a snack, so it does get eaten. But now I’m on vacation, I realise I don’t eat fruit every day like I do when I go to work. I have yet to find the reason for that. So I still had a punnet of blueberries sitting in the fridge from the market, next to a roll of ready-bought short crust pastry. I had another one of my visions – one of those that could end in disappointment because I could see, smell and taste the finished product. In my head. Very clearly.

Sadly, this was one of those rare occasions when my vision failed me. These blueberry tartelettes were perfectly edible, but only because of the blueberries, in my opinion. The tartelettes are made from short crust pastry filled with home made thick, creamy (in my vision at least…) custard and topped with blueberries. I wish I’d used ready-made custard because then the result would have lived up to my expectations. The custard recipe I had googled was not at all what I had wanted it to be like, taste-wise. I can’t even determine what it was I didn’t like about it, all I can say is that it wasn’t creamy enough and something in it simply tasted strange. My guess is it might have been the vanilla extract. The only thing that saved these tartelettes were the blueberries because they weren’t too sweet but a little tart, and biting into them made me overlook the custard disaster.

What actually made my day, though, were the visuals. These looked so pretty and inviting to take a bite that you’d never think they could taste anything but utterly delicious. Oh well. That should teach me to get a reign on my visions… On the other hand, the pics were totally worth it. And I will definitely make these again, either with shop-bought custard or with a different recipe.