Welcome to my dinner table – Part 2

The next dinner I took table pictures of was in May 2010. I’m sure there must have been at least three or four more dinners in 2009, but as I don’t seem to have taken any pictures, I can’t even remember how many there were.

This one happened with a mix of old and new friends. I would start this blog shortly afterwards (which I didn’t know yet then), and my third post was about this dinner. I even have pictures of the little menu cards I placed on the table, so this time I remember the full menu:

Mixed Leaf Salad with Goat’s Cheese wrapped in Bacon
Pork Roast with Sage Potatoes
Prosecco Crème with Pomegranate

Compared to the last dinner I wrote about, this one went without a hitch – no kitchen accidents. I was a little nervous because of the two new people in my circle of friends (they happen to be colleagues, too), and I had never had them over for dinner before.

Turned out it was the perfect mix of guests, and I would invite this same constellation again many times over the next year. We’re all very well acquainted now, and we feel very comfortable with each other. And none of them needs to be persuaded to come back 🙂