Three Kinds of Ice Cream and a Crumble

A few of weeks ago I had two friends over for dinner, and as all three of us are on the “do not overindulge” trip at the moment, I decided to make a low-fat version of my planned courses.

Dessert being crumble served with ice cream, that didn’t leave much room for a low-fat option, especially with the ice cream. So I decided to serve quaint portions, which actually turned out to be enough. I served the crumble in small crème brûlée ramekins, and portioned the ice cream with a melon baller.

I had made three different kinds of ice cream that week, mainly because I had come by some more heavy cream again, and opening the fridge I saw that all three packs were a day before their “best before” date.

3 ice creams + crumble 01

This being a rather spontaneous decision, I was wondering what flavours to make. The first one was easy to decide, because I had been meaning to make lemon curd ice cream for some time. This one turned out the best – absolutely fantastic. It’s extremely creamy, and the lemon curd tastes so refreshing.

For the second one I used mango. I had cut some mango into slices and frozen them because I had one mango too many. This one could probably have done with some more sugar, but with the other two kinds being rather sweet, it was actually OK. Only the consistency was a bit too firm, I guess a fresh mango might get a different result.

With the third one I was a bit stuck. Didn’t have any appropriate fresh fruit to use, had no idea which flavour way to go. Then I saw the little bottles of Starbucks coffee frappuccino sitting on my counter. So I used that, and was pleasantly surprised. This was my second favourite.

3 ice creams + crumble 02

Nectarine & Raspberry Crumble

1 nectarine, cut into pieces
handful of raspberries
60 g butter, in cubes
2 tbsp light cane sugar
3 tbsp flour
4 tbsp rolled oats

makes 3 small ramekins

Spray ramekins with cooking oil. Place fruit in ramekins. Mix together butter, sugar, flour and oats with your fingertips, until the mixture is crumbly. Divide mixture between the three ramekins, and bake for 20 minutes at 200°C in a fan oven.

3 ice creams + crumble 03

Frappuccino, Mango & Lemon Curd Ice Cream

1 cup coffee frappuccino
1/3 cup icing sugar
1 cup heavy cream

frozen slices of 1 mango
2/3 cup  icing sugar
1 cup heavy cream

Lemon Curd
¾ jar lemon curd
1/3 cup icing sugar
1 cup heavy cream

Mix the ingredients for each flavour together, adding the cream last. Then whip until cream is thick and smooth but not stiff. Pour into freezing containers and freeze overnight.

3 ice creams + crumble 04

As you might know by now, I always have expectations as to what the end result of what I make should be like, especially what it should look like. In this case, the taste of the lemon curd ice cream exceeded my expectations, but I thought the colour would be as sunflower yellow as the curd. It turned out rather pale, though. The mango turned out the colour I expected the lemon curd ice cream to be, but the consistency was a bit firm. The frappuccino was actually just as I expected it. But my favourite is still the lemon curd. I have to make that again very soon, it’s absolutely addictive. I realised it had addiction potential when instead of thinking “I might have some crumble with ice cream” my thoughts were actually “I might have some ice cream with a bit of crumble on the side”…

3 ice creams + crumble 05