Welcome to my dinner table – Part 1

I was browsing through my picture archives the other day, and happened upon my dinners folder. This made me aware of the fact that I keep adding to this folder but don’t really look inside to see what I’ve already put there. So I was kind of surprised to see one of the folders in there named September 2008. I wasn’t really aware that I had started taking dinner pics that long ago. I didn’t even have a blog back then. The contents of this dinner folder aren’t actually pics of the food and the guests, but of the dinner tables. Weird? Well, that’s me 😉

Anyway, looking through all of the folders, there were some quite nice ones, and they also brought back memories of each dinner. Having said that, I didn’t take pics of the dinner table at every dinner I hosted, so obviously I am not that obsessed.

But it made me think that just because you – dear reader – cannot attend my dinners doesn’t mean you can’t get to see my dinner tables. Which is why I thought I’d start this series on my various dinner tables.

Let’s start with the pre-blog one in September 2008. I have very nice memories of all my dinners, but the ones that go with this one are probably the most memorable ones. I still have the scars to show for it…

Please bear in mind, though, that the pictures were just for my personal files so they are nothing to write home about. I only actually have four of this dinner, and the quality is not good.

I remember I had just bought those aubergine coloured little bowls and dipping bowls. The pink tinted drinking glasses were also quite new. The plant on the table is actually a chilli plant, and the unripe ones were of the same aubergine shade as the dishes. I can’t for the life of me remember what was on the menu that night except for starters – tapas. And that’s how it all began…

The guests had all arrived, and I was about to serve the tapas, just needed to cut the bread. With my new very heavy and – as I was about to find out – very, very sharp bread knife. I guess you know where this is going. One of the guests found me over the kitchen sink staring at my bleeding thumb like a moron, not moving, feeling slightly sick. You could see some skin hanging off the tip of my thumb, and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. One of my guests was a nurse, another a former medical student, and they tried to stop the bleeding, but then agreed I should go to a hospital. I was a bit reluctant, because I wanted to feed my guests. But for them it was a given that all five of us would drive to the hospital together.

Looking back it felt more like a fun trip. We had to wait for over an hour before someone would see me, and everyone was getting hungry. So two of my guests decided to drive to a nearby mall and see what was on offer. They returned to the hospital equipped with giant cookies and salt & vinegar crisps. As for my thumb, the hospital staff couldn’t manage to stop the bleeding for a while either, but no stitches were necessary. So off we went back to my place to finally have dinner.

As a result of that little accident I was very wary of that new bread knife. One of my friends told me not to be daft, and that I had to use it regularly. Next time I’ll go with my instincts, though, because half a year later, not only did I cut a slice of bread but also cut the tip off my index finger, and due to the knife being so heavy I couldn’t stop it on its way right into my middle finger, where it finally ended up stuck. This time no fun trip to the hospital, my dad drove me, we had a very long waiting time, and I ended up with stitches. As for the knife – I didn’t even trust myself to throw it away because I was sure it would somehow cut through the bin bag and get at me again, so I handed it over to my dad to dispose of.  I am still wary of knives to this day, but I also know that whatever happens when I have dinner guests – things are only half as bad as they seem with the right kind of guests around.