This one runs under the Living category of this blog, so no food talk today!

All through May and June, until the beginning of July, we had the most fantastic weather. Unfortunately, the last two-thirds of July felt and looked more like autumn. But while it lasted, I spent a lot of time out on my balcony, lazing in my deck chair, reading, napping, or just staring into the sky through my sunglasses, from underneath my little sun hat.

And while I did some serious sky gazing, I started conciously looking at the cloud formations. They were not rain clouds, though, just beautiful white fluffy clouds. So I jumped up like someone bitten by a bug and ran for my camera. Never having done any sky or cloud photography before, I dappled with the camera settings a little, and what do you know, suddenly the thing says it has run out of memory. What!? So I had to go inside to download everything, and found some really pretty pictures.

Then at the end of July, I suddenly noticed the sky from my kitchen window being different. It looked like one of those oil paintings where you have this opening in the clouds and you see the sunbeams coming through. So, naturally, I had to grab the camera and try to capture that as well.

Thought I’d use some of those pictures as headers for a while. If you’ve come here via the homepage link, you won’t see them unless you click on the post title. Unfortunately, though, due to the header being cropped, you can’t see the whole picture, so it’s not as impressive as the complete view. [If you click on the pics in this post, you’ll get a larger view.]

So, here’s hoping there’ll be more blue skies and lazy deckchair lounging days soon…