Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

After having guests over for dinner the other weekend, I found myself with a mountain of surplus tomatoes. I made a tomato salad that required different kinds of tomatoes, so shopping for them,  I basically bought every kind I came across.

Looking at them sitting there in my kitchen now, you’d think tomatoes were my favourite thing. I’m not really too keen on normal sized tomatoes, although I do eat them, of course. However, I much prefer the smaller kind, like cherry tomatoes, that you can snack on.

So while visiting our local market one afternoon, I walked past the deli booth, saw the black olives, remembered I had some in the fridge, and thought I might use up some of those tomatoes by stuffing them with goat cheese mixed with herbs and olives.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

10 cherry and/or mini Roma tomatoes
75 g mild goat cream cheese [I used low fat]
handful of black olives, pitted
1 garlic clove
6 basil leaves
freshly ground pepper

Cut the tops off the tomatoes, then use a melon baller – or a knife and small spoon – to scoop out seeds and pulp. [Either discard seeds and pulp, or keep to add to pasta or tomato sauce.]

Chop olives, garlic, and basil leaves in a (mini) blender, then mix with the cheese until evenly distributed and the mixture is smooth. Season with pepper. [Due to the goat cheese and the olives being slightly salty, no extra salt is required.]

With a small spoon, or your fingers (rubber gloves recommended…), stuff the cheese mixture into the tomatoes. Serve as a snack, or as part of an antipasti platter.