Cherry Ice Cream

Welcome to the last of the cherry posts for the season. I had a lot of fun with this pretty fruit, and while I was preparing the cherries for this ice cream, I had a few thoughts. Even though after pitting the cherries my kitchen would look like a battlefield, I was thinking that some food can be really beautiful. I took so many pictures of cherries, and even the discarded bits – the stems and stones – made for striking pictures sometimes. I was actually oohing and wowing just looking at the fruit – which I’m sure must make me a right fruit cake! – but I couldn’t help it. I had to stop myself from taking more pics.

However, food can also be downright ugly. When I put the cherries in the blender, the result was a deep vibrant red, but as soon as I’d mixed in the other ingredients, I couldn’t even take a picture, it was that ugly. Luckily the end result looked a little nicer.

Regarding the kirsch, I might have overdone it a little. I wanted it to be subtly noticeable in the ice cream, but ¼ cup was a bit too noticeable, so I’d go for 1/8 cup, or even less, next time. As for the consistency, it turned out a bit too grainy for my taste, I think that’s because of the blended cherries. I couldn’t get them to a really smooth consistency, might be due to the skins. Nevertheless, this ice cream is perfectly delicious!

Cherry Ice Cream

300 g cherries (weighed without stones)
½ cup icing sugar
¼ cup kirsch (cherry brandy)
1 cup cream

Wash cherries, remove stems and stones, and half them. Put in blender for about a minute or two, then add icing sugar, blend again, add kirsch, blend.

Last, either add the cream to the blender and blend for as long as it takes for the cream to be very softly whipped but not stiff, or whip the whole mixture with a hand mixer.

Pour into a freezer container, put on lid, and freeze overnight. Enjoy!