My new short-term friends, the cherries

I seem to have developed a food pattern:  I like an ingredient, and before I know it I’m using it all the time. This happens in waves – liking of ingredient sort of sneaks up on me, stays for a while, and then makes way for something new. First there were the blood oranges, where I started thinking: can I really do another post that features blood oranges? Then came the coconut stuff. Asparagus was next, but that really was only because the season is so short. And now I just realised that I currently seem to be into cherries. You won’t have noticed this, because I haven’t posted any cherry recipes yet. Actually, today’s post doesn’t come with a recipe. I just wanted to share these pretty pictures with you and tell you what’s the deal with me and cherries.

I sort of always liked cherries. The cherry tree in my parents’ garden yields masses every year, and every year I tell my parents thank you for offering them to me, but no thanks. Not so this year.

At work, we go for a walk every lunch time, and we end up sitting on a bench underneath a cherry tree. So you can’t really avoid looking up and wondering what they taste like. And last week we climbed up on the bench and plucked some, which then made me decide to accept my parents’ offer this year.

My problem with cherries has nothing to do with their taste, but with their wormy inhabitants. I hate worms in cherries. That’s why I will never be able to just pop a cherry into my mouth, I will always halve it, remove the stone, and inspect it very thoroughly. I admit it does take away the joy of eating them a bit.

Nevertheless, I picked up a bag of cherries from my parents, took it to work to share it with a colleague, and while the bag was sitting on my desk, I noticed a little worm had escaped from it. I wasn’t happy about it, but I didn’t scream either (yes, that has been known to happen…).

This morning I decided to spruce up my porridge with nectarines and cherries. Starting the preparations, I noticed a rather large worm on the ceramic glass cooktop (didn’t scream then either) and thought: “Wow, that thing has crept a pretty long way from the cherry bowl to here.” Quite disgusted, I was about to remove the thing with a paper towel, when I noticed the worm was actually a rice grain from last night’s dinner. Tsss… paranoid much.

Cutting up the cherries for my breakfast, I encountered three real worms, and whereas before that would have totally put me off the cherries and would have made me chuck the whole lot out, this time I was able to just be happy about the many cherries that were wormless. And to enjoy them very much.

So, you’ll be seeing some cherries over the next weeks,  both fresh and frozen. Until then, I hope you’ll find these pics as enjoyable as I do.