Chocolate & Coconut Strawberries

I can hear you already – boring, too easy, nothing special…  However, if you’re like me and you buy too many strawberries because you’ve either forgotten you already have some stowed away in the back of your fridge, or plan to make lots of strawberry stuff over the week and then forget about it, this is a quick and simple way to have them.

Chocolate Coconut Strawberries 01

Also, I find it a great surprise for guests.  Mostly when I invite guests, I cook too much.  We’re already full after the main course, but everyone will still eat the dessert, because it’s what you do.  And when I once came up with this strawberry dessert, it was a huge hit because it’s still dessert but it’s really light and you can manage snacking on a few strawberries without bursting…  Sometimes the simple things are best.

Chocolate Coconut Strawberries 02

There’s no real recipe for this, just melt some chocolate of your choice, dip washed and dried strawberries in – leave stalks on the strawberries! – and roll them in coconut.  In this case, I used unsweetened coconut strips instead of desiccated coconut, and gave them a blast in the food chopper.  But basically you can cover them in anything you like.  I might try unsalted pistachios next time.

Happy snacking!

Chocolate Coconut Strawberries 03