Lavender Ice Cream

You’ll probably say “Ice cream?  Again?”  But with the weather having been so summery over the last few weeks, all I can think about at the moment is ice cream.  I actually have quite a lot of ideas for ice cream flavours, so you will very likely be seeing more ice cream recipes here over the next few months.  This one was inspired by a novel I just read where the protagonist owned an ice cream parlour and was trying out different lavender & honey recipes.  As I don’t like honey in large amounts, or when it is dominant in any dish, I decided to go for lavender only.

Lavender Ice Cream 01

I’ve had these dried lavender blossoms sitting in my spice cabinet for way too long – having bought them on a whim as I so often do with food stuff – and it was high time I used them.  This ice cream is even easier than the ones I’ve made before as it has only three ingredients.

Lavender Ice Cream 02

Lavender Ice Cream

1 cup cream
½ cup icing sugar
3 tsp dried lavender blossoms

Lavender Ice Cream 03

Chop the lavender blossoms so they look almost pulverised.  Combine cream, icing sugar and lavender, and softly whip the mixture until the cream is soft but not stiff.

Pour into containers and freeze overnight.

This ice cream is very creamy, will not freeze very hard and has the most delicate taste of lavender.  Just absolutely lovely.

Lavender Ice Cream 04

Note on lavender blossoms:
I tried a mortar and pestle first to pulverise them, but it didn’t work very well.  Then I considered the coffee grinder but thought as 3 tsp weren’t enough to fill it  they might only fly around in the grinder and still come out whole.  The knife option turned out to be quick and easy.
I sprinkled a few whole blossoms into my freezer containers before filling the ice cream into them because I thought that would look nice when I turned them out.  I don’t recommend that as biting on a lavender blossom is quite a dry affair and has about the same taste you would expect if you were to bite into a scented sachet that you put in wardrobes or drawers…

Lavender Ice Cream 05