A little announcement

A quick info for everyone who speaks German:  I have just started a new (parallel) blog today!  This one will be German language only, as some friends have asked when I told them about Dinner for (n)one “Why in English”? And after thinking about it for a few months, I thought I might just be up for a new challenge.

I will by  no  means just replicate what I’ve done here with this blog.  I’m sure subjects will come up from time to time that might be interesting for both blogs, and I definitely intend to post to both blogs if something I made in the kitchen was extremely successful.

The new blog has a completely different look, too, and it will be a totally new start – especially as I communicate in English in my workplace as well, and so am not really used to write a lot in German.  The greatest challenge, though, might be to remember to switch the laptop keyboard from English to German 😀

As I said, I only just set up that new blog today, which  means there’s not much on there yet, but if you speak German and are interested, come over to Kiki’s Küchenleben, have a look around, and let me know what you think!