Measurements & Conversions

Just a quick note that I’ve added Measurement Conversion links to the right column.

This weekend, while baking and cooking, I found myself using both my German scales and my American measuring cups;  and writing down a recipe, I used different measurements, sometimes stating both US and European measures, sometimes just using one.  To avoid inconsistency, I will try to stick to one measurement – as well as oven temperatures – in future recipes.

When I started looking at recipes on the internet, I sometimes found myself skipping pages because they showed only US or UK measurements.  These days, being more well versed in conversions, I don’t do that, of course.  But to help readers to make conversions more easily, I have added links for the following:

  • two actual conversion calculator, where you type in your figures and click a unit of measurement, and it will be converted for you;  one of them converts fracture measurements as well
  • different tables of equivalents and measurements, showing metric, British, and American measurements
  • a two-way converter for metric/imperial conversion for both weight and volume

I hope that’ll make things a little easier for everyone, including myself…