Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

…actually it isn’t, not yet.  It’s been snowing since this morning, everything is coated in white, it looks just beautiful.  The frightful bit will come tomorrow, when the roads aren’t cleared and will be icy.  But we’ll deal with that tomorrow.

The tree is up – red and white decorations this year – the apartment is (almost) spick and span, it looks very Christmassy outside, but something’s missing.  Due to the weather conditions and the ensuing train chaos, my sister wasn’t able to make it down to the South, so our family will have to celebrate without her.  Hopefully the situation will get better during the next days so that she’ll make it here this year and we can see in the new one together.

I’m looking forward to reading lots of blogs over Christmas to see what people are having for lunch and dinner over the holidays.  Maybe I’ll be able to contribute a post or two.  Until then, I wish everyone a

Merry Christmas!