Chocolate Covered Bread

Just thought I’d share this little discovery I made the other day when I was making chocolate truffles.  I was really torn whether to actually share that recipe, but I love giving these little gems as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or for no reason at all, and sharing the recipe would somehow take away the joy of that.  For me, at least.

What happened when I was finished with chocolate coating the truffles was that I had quite a bit of molten chocolate left, and thought it a pity I didn’t have any fruit at home to cover in the remaining chocolate.  So my eyes wandered over the worktop in search of something else I could use instead, and there was this loaf of day old sliced whole grain bread.

Now you’re probably thinking what I was at that time – what?!  But then I thought I’d just give it a try.  Why waste both the bread and the chocolate…   and it would be like having a chocolate fondue.  I cut the bread in bite-sized cubes and just threw it into the chocolate, not covering the pieces completely as I thought that would be too much.  Then I fished them out, not eating them straight away because the chocolate would have been too hot, but not letting it dry and harden either.  And – surprise – it tasted good!  Just like very soft, warmed up chocolate spread.

At some point during taking pictures I felt my fingers go all warm and gooey, and found chocolate was also spread across quite a large part of my camera, but that was OK, it was, after all, in the name of research…