Where do I begin…

…to justify my long absence?  As previously mentioned, I was away on another one week business trip, this time to Kuala Lumpur.  But first things first.  After my trip to Orlando in October, the preparations for Kuala Lumpur started at work, so I was really busy – which I love, I don’t like being bored at work – and didn’t have time to cook at night.  And to be honest, I was so tired I went to bed at 9 pm every night for 2 weeks.  I returned from Kuala Lumpur last Monday, and my sleep pattern was somewhat disrupted, so apart from working and eating (cold food stuff, not a single warm meal last week!) I did nothing, and again was in bed by 9 pm every night.  And was still tired when I woke up in the morning.  But I hope all this will change now, all my patterns seem to be restored.

I can’t really say much about Kuala Lumpur as I didn’t get to see much.  I spent about 4 hours outside the hotel during the week I worked there.  On the day I flew home – at 11:45 pm, so a whole day to myself – it rained, which is why we decided to hit the shopping malls.

What I can probably tell you most about is the food in the hotel.  I have never seen such an enormous choice of breakfast items, both Asian cooked meals as well as Western European breakfast stuff.  If you didn’t like Asian food, you could eat enough at breakfast to last you through the day…  Luckily I do like most Asian food, so I didn’t have to resort to that.

Each day during our company event, we had four coffee breaks and one lunch break.  I managed to take a few pictures of the cute little food thingies we got served at break time but people were already looking at me strangely, so unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures.  Especially with my little camera you can’t just aim at something and take a pic, you need several tries which would have been too time consuming.

These colourful beauties above were amongst the things we got served.  I’m sorry to say, though, that not a single one was very tasty.  The pink one had no taste to speak of and was of a very rubbery consistency.  The middle one looked like some sort of pie but I couldn’t determine what was inside.  The green one, some sort of miniature pancake, also tasted of nothing and had a filling that could have been either some nut stuff or mushrooms.

Now these two were way better.  OK, so the miniature donut wasn’t exactly a novelty, but it was good, and the other one was a miniature nut pie, very delicious.  I had quite a few of those…

What I didn’t get to take pictures of, unfortunately, were the miniature mushroom pies, samosas, spring rolls.  As I said, it would have attracted too much attention to go close up to the food with my camera with a couple of hundred people around waiting to get to the food.

One night we went to a great restaurant where I had the best steak in a long time, and the dessert was both pretty and delicious – key lime pie to the left, and waffles with ice cream to the right.

What we expected to be an unexciting trip to Starbucks turned out quite interesting as well.  I love their vanilla cream – vanilla bean creme in the States – and try to have one in every country I go to.  Basically because I like it much better than their hot drinks, but also because the consistency of the cream is different in many countries, so I like to try that out.  In Kuala Lumpur they didn’t have vanilla cream, but I discovered green tea cream.  It tasted quite good, and the colour is so pretty.  What was quite funny was seeing the snowflakes on the containers while it was so hot and humid there you could hardly stand being outside for too long, yearning to be back in an air-conditioned mall, restaurant, hotel…

As I won’t be doing any more travelling for probably quite a while, you’ll be reading more from me in the coming weeks, especially with Christmas looming.  I’m looking forward to share my Christmas baking with you.  But first there’ll be the praliné workshop to attend on November 27, which I got as a party present from my friends back in September.  You’ll be reading about it here soon!