Holding On To Summer

Last week was really busy and hectic at work.  So cooking for guests again last night was very nice and relaxing.  I had a choice of two desserts to make and couldn’t decide which one it would be, so – with great foresight – I made both.


One was a savoury goats cheese panna cotta because I like that kind of unusual stuff.  I tasted it before I filled it into pretty glasses, and I quite liked it.  The cheese wasn’t too dominant, and you could taste a hint of the thyme and rosemary sprigs it was infused with.  I served it with fig honey, which is basically figs and their juices cooked over and over again until it becomes syrup, and I served it between the main course and the other – the real – dessert.

Margarita Ice Cream 02

And boy was I glad I had that other dessert in the freezer as my trump card…  That panna cotta had developed into something overpoweringly goat cheesy, and my first spoonful made me think “What the heck… this tasted good when I made it – what happened?”.  From the faces around the table I could see my guests were also wondering what I was thinking serving this and told them to please not eat it.  Someone tried several spoonfuls and called it interesting, which I think pretty much says it all.DIGITAL CAMERA

So on to the real dessert.  One of my guests was also in Orlando with  me the other week, and we got hooked on strawberry margaritas while there.  Which is why I got really excited about this margarita ice cream recipe I found by Nigella Lawson.  And it’s the absolute easiest ice cream recipe I’ve ever seen.  Just mix everything together and freeze, no churning, no fuss.  The consistency is so creamy, and with the alcohol – which is of course pretty dominant, being one of the main ingredients – you’ll feel like you’re actually sipping a margarita.  Made me feel like summer was back again.   Guess what I will be stocking up on in my freezer from now on…

Margarita Ice Cream 04