Home Sweet Home

Just a quick post to report back from Orlando. What can I say – it was great!  Both the people I went with and the ones I met there were great fun, the weather was fantastic, the food was fabulous, the hotel was pure luxury, the rental car was a red Mustang, and even though I caught a cold from the air conditioning (which we really aren’t used to over here) and lost my voice for most of the week (some people were happy about that…), I had the best time ever.  Being in a sunny climate just does so much for your energy levels.

The event I attended was really well organised, the setting was perfect, the lunch buffets were irresistible, especially the sweets.  Have a look at the pics – who could resist that!?

I was sure my luggage wouldn’t be the only thing coming back overweight…  But it turned out that running around (for work purposes and for shopping) helped.

All of us would have really liked to stay on for at least another week.  Although the weather is really lovely and sunny here in Germany at the moment, I’m still drawing energy from the memory of our last day in Orlando.  After dropping off two colleagues who had to leave a day early at the airport, we tuned the radio to a rock station, turned up the volume and drove on to Cocoa Beach to spend the day sunbathing – glorious!

I hope I’ll be able to travel to the States again someday soon, but until then, I think the memories of this trip will get me through at least one cold season.