Goodbye Rain, Hello Sun!

This Friday I’ll be going on a business trip for 1 week.  Nothing special, I know… but even though I’ve seen a lot of the world, I’ve never been to the US, and this trip will take me to Orlando, Florida.  Finally! I thought I’d never make it to that continent.

And even though it’s a business trip, I really hope I’ll get to see something other than the inside of the hotel. I’ll be travelling with a colleague who happens to be a friend as well, and we’re counting on being able to hit the shops.  I’m also looking forward to get my hands on some kitchen stuff while I’m there – I’m especially interested in some canning jars I always see on other blogs and which I found online, only available in the US.  Hopefully, I’ll find them in a shop somewhere and can take some home.

I’ll be reporting back in a week’s time.  Until then – everyone in Germany, I hope the weather won’t be too bad for you next week; and not that I want to gloat, but it’s 32 degrees in Orlando – at least I know the sun will be shining outside the hotel, even if I’m stuck inside 🙂