Little Vices

I have this chest of drawers that has four large drawers.  They contain the little things I indulge in – only the little things have accumulated so that some of the very thin drawer bottoms are threatening to break down someday soon.

The drawer I want to tell you about today contains paper napkins.  Lots of paper napkins.  Some might say too many.  But then again – can you have too many paper napkins?  My sister, who was visiting the other week, says:  yes, you can!  Her eyes grew large in disbelief, and she started to laugh when I opened the drawer to show her the bottom of it that I needed to repair.  DIY genius that she is, we repaired it in about five minutes.  But the whole episode left me wondering – yet again – whether I’m really normal for having accumulated so many packages of paper napkins.  On the other hand, you might want to have napkins that go with the table linen, napkins that go with your flatware,  with the service you inherited from grandma, or with all the accessories you have on the table for a dinner.   Often you get napkins as a gift from guests.  And then, of course, you need special ones for Christmas…

When I go shopping, I’m drawn to napkins like a magnet.  I’ve already instructed two of my best friends to stop me from buying them.  With the one friend it goes like this:  I would say “Oh look, aren’t these lovely! But I don’t really need them, do I?”  And she would say “No, you really don’t.  But they are lovely.  I think I’d buy them.”  I guess it’s exactly what I’d want to hear, but it’s not helping.  My other friend does better.  She’d see me trying to inconspicuously hang around the napkin racks, would come over and say “You don’t need those!”  And before I could think of an excuse to buy them anyway, she’d say “No!”   That’s exactly what I need, because even though I think  – or used to think, until I saw my sister’s reaction – you can’t have too many of them, when do you really use them all?  I should have a policy that says “Only allowed to buy new ones if you’ve used up at least one packet of the ones you have in that drawer”.  But the mad thing is – sometimes I think they’re too nice to use every day, and I guess that’s how they’ve accumulated in my big drawer.  Although sometimes, when I look through the whole drawer to take stock, I find myself thinking “Why did I buy these?  They’re totally hideous.”  Then I’d take them out for everyday use.

Does anyone have the same problem?  I can’t be the only one, surely?

Have a look at the gallery below – some of them really are so pretty!