Resistance is futile!

This healthy lifestyle I wanted to get back to – I stuck to it.  Have been eating very healthy food for the last two weeks.  But I decided that total resistance towards sweets is not a good thing and that one sweet treat per week is necessary to keep up the morale.

Plum Danish 04

I got a bag full of lovely plums from a friend’s garden, and I had some ready-made dough for Danish pastry in the fridge, so this morning I decided to make Plum Danishes.

Basically, I made them the same way I make my puff pastry apple tart, with a few adaptations.  I wanted little pieces of Danish, so I used a cookie cutter to make little squares.

Plum Danish 02

Then I thinly spread some of last year’s plum and cinnamon jam onto the squares, not too much, though, because I didn’t want the Danishes to taste too Christmassy.

I cut each plum into 8 pieces, layered them onto the dough, then sprinkled them with a sugar and cinnamon mix.  I used more sugar than I do for the apple tart, as the plums were quite sour.

Plum Danish 03

This Danish pastry dough seemed to puff up more in the middle than puff pastry.  My guess is that because I cut the fruit into such small pieces, it wasn’t heavy enough to keep the dough down.  The taste is excellent, though, the tart fruit and the sweet dough go together really well.  So all in all, well worth getting up early for this morning!

Plum Danish 01