Herb & House Update

Today’s just an update of various things.  First, the painting of the house is almost done.  The front is finished, which means I was able to take possession of the balcony again.  Of the yellow painted balcony.  When you see the photos, you’ll think I totally overreacted with regards to the ugliness of the yellow colour, but wait until the whole house is done, then you’ll see.

So, the balcony being habitable again, I was finally able to relocate my plants and herbs back to where they belong.  At least what’s left of them.  The flowers are coming along nicely but are a bit behind, same for the tomatoes.  The gorgeous smelling lavender sadly didn’t make it.  I’ll just have to buy new plants.  As for the herbs, some of them grew slower than others, but the fastest growing ones were those I had moved to the bathroom window for the duration of the renovation.  The rosemary had seemed on the decline before, but now it’s recovered.  If you look at the pictures, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which ones were housed in the bathroom.

I’m really happy (almost) everything’s back in order, back where it belongs, and hope everything will survive until it’s ready to make an accessory to some great food :-).

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