Weight Watching & Food Blogging

Until the beginning of this week, I hadn’t really thought about this.  When I started this blog, I was no longer officially a member of a weight loss programme.  I was still taking care of my weight, but not keeping a journal or anything.  I was in a phase where I ate what I wanted, and I enjoyed that because I did it consciously and with a good conscience.  Of course, you can’t expect to lose weight when you do that, but again, I knew what I was doing.  I knew there would come a point when I’d think the time was right to continue with the programme.

I reached this point last Monday when I drove to work and found myself thinking “It’s time to start again.  I feel ready, and I feel I’m done with eating indiscriminately.   I don’t feel the need for it anymore.  I enjoyed it, but I’m highly motivated to go back into the programme.”  So I’m officially a member again, and today the thought about watching my weight and food blogging popped into my head.  How would it go together?  Or wouldn’t it?

These days you can get the nutritional value of nearly every food and ingredient, so I’m thinking (and hoping) it won’t be a problem.  My discipline seems to be restored as well, and as long as I integrate the sampling of my cooking and baking into my plan, I will be able to maintain it.

So, happy cooking, baking & weight losing to me!  I’ll certainly be enjoying the challenge.