The Thing That Should Not Be

There’s actually two things that should not be.  Not referring to the Metallica song here, but to the things going on in this house(hold).

First the house.  The colour yellow that I ranted about yesterday.  How things can change in a day – yesterday I was hopeful that my balcony wall would be painted sage green.  Then this morning I saw on my neighbour’s side that our balcony walls will also be yellow, mango to be exact…

When I left for work this morning, I heard a neighbour on the phone telling someone about how awful this new colour is, how could they, you wouldn’t believe someone would do that to us – so at least I am not alone in this, at least one other person seems to share my apprehension to embrace that colour.  I took a picture, so you can see the before and after for yourself.

Summer 2009 – I loved sitting on my balcony facing that wall with its relaxing colour, enjoying the sunshine.

Summer 2010 – If you look closely, you can see the greenish drain pipe to the left – that’s the colour of the entrance towers.  They painted that mango, too, and then painted the sage green over it.  Need I say more…

I’m not saying that when it’s all finished I will absolutely hate that little bit of wall I see constantly, but I can already promise you I will not like the look of the whole house.  Then again, it’ll probably be worse for the people living in the block opposite us – they’ll be needing sunglasses all year round when they look out of their windows :-).

The other thing that should not be – you can see it below.  Mushrooms.  Among my beautifully growing basil!

The thing is, I didn’t even notice them growing, all of a sudden they seemed to have shot out of the earth overnight.  Tsk…  They do look kind of funny and cute, though, don’t you think?  Still, I went and bought new earth and moved the basil plants to new individual little pots.   What to expect next?  Wish it had been strawberries growing in there 🙂