Jam Accessories

Don’t worry, I’m done with making jam – until the weekend, at least.  This is about the accessories for after jam making.

In spring – way before jam making season – I found these mini 41 ml jars in my local supermarket.  I hesitated, thinking who would want to have their jam in jars like that – you’d finish the jar in one breakfast session.  As you can probably guess – I bought them, sucker that I am for all things cute.  I’m glad I did, because apart from being cute, with using mini jars you can give away more than when you have a few 250 ml jars.  Also, they’re nice little presents for your dinner guests, or hosts.

Labels.  I used to think of them as a necessary evil, because after thinking I could determine from looking at the jar what’s inside, I soon realised that one kind of red jam looks like the other.  So I created little labels in PowerPoint.  This time I felt a bit more creative.  Cute little jam jars required cute labels.

The other week I bought tea towels from Green Gate, and the labels attached to them are just as lovely as the tea towels themselves.  So I scanned them in, removed the logo, put in the name of my jams and printed them as 4 cm small labels.  Made a hole in them with a pin, used some plain kitchen string, and ready were my cute jam jar labels.  Okay, some might need a magnifying glass to read what the label says, but in this case looks are more important…

UPDATE October 2011
I’ve noticed this post gets quite a bit of traffic through search engines, so I thought I’d give it an update. Over time, I’ve made quite a few labels for my preserve, some simply made from bits of background and added textboxes (made in PowerPoint), and for some I’ve created labels made from the pictures I took during or after preserving things.

If you’re a blogger and take pictures while preserving anyway, aim to get a few good shots of the ingredients to use for making your own labels.

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