Lady Marmalade

So, day 2 of the jam session.  Today it was Strawberry & Mango Jam with Ginger, also from Living at Home magazine.

A very easy recipe, cutting the fruit and grating the ginger doesn’t take much time, so it’s well worth giving it a try, especially as this jam turned out really nice – it’s not too sweet, and the ginger gives it an interesting but unobtrusively zesty touch.

Strawberry & Mango Jam with Ginger

650 g strawberries
2 ripe mangoes, approx. 350 g each
some freshly grated ginger
350 g sugar
25 g packet “Gelfix Super 3:1” for 1 kg fruit
5 g packet citric acid

Makes 1 litre

Wash, clean and dice the strawberries.  Peel mangoes and dice.  Purée half of the mango flesh.

Mix gelling powder and sugar in a large pot.  Add all the fruit and bring to boil while stirring constantly.  Let bubble for 3 minutes, still stirring.  Stir in citric acid, then immediately fill into jam jars.

What I did differently:  The original recipe says 650 g strawberries, and then goes on to say “wash, clean and dice 600 g of the strawberries”; however, it doesn’t say what to do with the remaining 50 g, so I only used 600 g.

I was only able to get 1 decent mango but it weighed almost 800 g including stone, and cut into pieces it came to almost 700 g, so I guess I was lucky to have apparently bought a giant specimen…

As for the ginger, I had no idea how much “some” could possibly be.  I had a 2.5 cm piece, and I used about 2 cm of it hoping it wouldn’t be too much.  It wasn’t.  If you know there’s ginger in there, you’ll be able to taste it, but it’s not at all dominant.

What I’d also like to mention is that you’re actually supposed to turn the jars upside down once filled and let them cool like that.  However, when you use Weck jars, like I often do, this is not advisable because the rubber seal around the lid will not really seal the jar, and your jam will leak out.  Sadly I know this from experience…  I’ve never encountered a problem with not turning them upside down, though, all the jam I’ve ever made has kept well in the jars.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a surplus of strawberries and will make a quick cake.  But not until tomorrow morning, because I’ll be taking it into work, so I want it to be really fresh.  You’ll be reading about it shortly!