Strawberry Fields

No, I’m not a Beatles fan – just in a strawberry haze.  I went to the market on Friday to buy fruit for different jams I intend to make over the next week, and the nicest ones were sold in a 2.5 kg basket, so I decided to kill three birds with one stone and make two different jams and a strawberry cake from the leftovers.

The first jam I made today is Strawberry & Orange Jam with Campari, the recipe for which I found a couple of years ago in Living at Home magazine.  I made this jam for the first time last year, and my initial reaction was “Hmmm, I’m not sure I like this”.  The reason, I think, was that the Campari is added at the end of the cooking time, so it doesn’t evaporate and I found its taste quite dominant.  However, this jam really grew on me.  The orange peel and the Campari give it a tangy note whereas the strawberries balance it with their mellow taste.

Strawberry & Orange Jam with Campari

500 g strawberries
3 untreated oranges
1 kg gelling sugar 1:1
125 ml Campari

Clean and quarter the strawberries [I actually cut them into 8 pieces because I prefer smaller bits in my jam].  Wash oranges in hot water and rub dry.  Peel off some skin and cut into strips. [I used a zester and scraped off as much as I could from all three oranges].  Peel oranges thickly so that the white skin comes off as well.  Pare oranges and make sure to collect the juice.  Weigh fruit pulp and juice – you’ll need 375 g altogether. [I skipped this step – my paring abilities aren’t so good which means I didn’t get a lot of pulp out of the oranges.  I made do with what I had.]

Mix together strawberries, orange juice and sugar, and heat until sugar has dissolved.  Bring to boil and let bubble for 4 minutes.  Stir in Campari, orange pulp and juice.  Fill into clean jars with a twist-off lid and leave to cool upside down. [I don’t do this either, and my jam still keeps well.]

Next time – Strawberry Mango Jam with Ginger!