Surprise! – Part II

Today I’ll tell you all about the food we had.  On the one hand, it didn’t feel as if we had that much at all, because how much food can you have in 2½ days?  But that may have been because when you’re out all day and just have a snack here and there it doesn’t feel like that much.  I’ll get to that in a bit, though.

We had two nights out, one at the very much looked forward to Shimla Pinks.  The surprise here was that we were sure we must have walked past it already, but we couldn’t see it.  Panic!  Until we walked further up the road and realised it has moved a bit up the street from where it used to be and now looks different but still very beautiful.  Relief.

As I mentioned previously, my problem is the choice.  So much to eat, where do I start?  We shared a Traditional Vegetarian Platter for starters which contained a selection of Tandoori Mushrooms, Paneer Pakora, Vegetable Pakora, Aloo Matar Ki Tikki, Vegetable Samosa and Chana Masala.

For mains, my friend had the Jingha Malai Curry – king prawns cooked in a mild coconut gravy with caraway seeds and curry leaves.  I had the Red Fort Delicacy, which was barbecued chicken pieces simmered in a mild, rich and creamy sauce with ground cashew nuts and topped with flaked almonds and sultanas.  If I close my eyes, I can still taste it…  We were good girls and didn’t have dessert.  Although to be honest, that was really only because we were stuffed with the starter and main course already.

I wish I had taken pictures, but the restaurant wasn’t fully booked and we were sitting right in the middle of the dining room, empty tables around us, the lights were dimmed, and I didn’t want to draw attention with the flash going off all the time.

The second night we went to All Bar One, another one of our favourites.  I don’t usually like restaurant chains, but I do like this one.  They have a completely new menu now, too, so we didn’t know what would await us.  Here’s what we got between the two of us:  Tomato & Mozzarella salad (not exactly British, but so what…), Dukkah Crusted Goat’s Cheese with a Mango & Watercress Salad served with an Apricot & Mint Relish – this relish is also something I will definitely try to recreate at home –, Grilled Sea Bass Fillets with Soy & Honey Noodles, Lemon & Thyme Marinated Chicken Skewered & Chargrilled with Fries, Profiteroles with warm Chocolate Sauce, and White Chocolate Pannacotta with Mango & Passion Fruit Compôte.

As for during the day, we only had one full English breakfast at the hotel, the other days we went out to have breakfast at one of the many nice places where you can sit outside.    If we made it back to the hotel before dinner time, we had tea in the lounge bar with a little snack.  Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to make it there for official tea time, so we didn’t have the whole shebang with scones, cream, and what have you.  We were out and about almost all day, and with running around town for six or seven hours a day, you can snack a little more than when you just sit in an office.  I hope.   I didn’t step onto those bathroom scales.

Which takes me back to our luggage.  We weighed it before we left for the airport, and it looked like it was just about within the limit.  I knew my hand luggage was about 3 – 4 kg below limit, but I usually find another book or two or three at the airport shops, so that was OK.  Big surprie at check-in, however, where I almost fainted with shock – my suitcase weighed 17.6 kg, 2.4 kg below the limit.  Two thoughts ran parallel in my head – “Wow!  That has never happened before.”, and “WHAT!?  I could have shopped more!  What a waste of space!”.  I must say, though, that I’m really happy with what I bought, I’ve got all my treasures lined up here, and I had a really good time these last 3½  days, as I knew I would.  Totally content as I am now, I still look forward to the next trip in a year or so.