Orzo & Sun-dried Tomato Salad

The other week I was in the UK and as usual got most of my lunches and dinners at Marks & Spencer’s foodhall. I only visit the UK about once a year, and… Continue reading

Buffalo Camembert & Pear Tarts

I had been meaning to make a sweet puff pastry pear tart last month but never got around to it. As the puff pastry was still sitting in my fridge, I wanted to… Continue reading

Wild Garlic Pancakes with White Asparagus & Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

It’s a bit of food heaven here in Germany right now as both wild garlic and white asparagus are in season. I know the latter isn’t as popular in other countries as it… Continue reading

Happy Easter

DIY Background Boards

In my family, talents are clearly divided. My sister is a science person, I’m a language person. Although we both love to eat, I also love cooking while my sister loves being invited… Continue reading

Korean BBQ Brisket

Let me set the facts straight first: I haven’t got the foggiest about Korean cuisine. A couple of years ago I read a blog post about Asian pulled pork and thought I might… Continue reading

Living – Salts & Oils Evening Class

The other week a friend & I took an evening class called “Salts & Oils“. It sounded very promising – despite the many items we were supposed to bring. It turned out that… Continue reading


Considering I recently said here that these days I much prefer cooking to baking, here I am yet again presenting you with baked goods. This is another recipe I originally made for my… Continue reading

Experience, anyone?

Today I have a question for all food bloggers. I happened upon this website about the International Food Blogging Conference 2017, and it sounded kind of interesting. Food blogging conferences have never captured… Continue reading

Sausage & Cheese Spoon Dumplings

Let me state the obvious first: this is not a pretty dish. Add to that the fact that I decided to take my food pics in front of a different window today, then… Continue reading

Coconut Squares

A few weeks ago I was invited to a dinner where someone brought coconut squares for dessert. I wanted to do a happy dance around the table – but I resisted, don’t worry… Continue reading

Cheesy Potato Soup

Straight after last Saturday’s bread making I went on to make this cheesy potato soup. Once again it came about through reading a book. Someone was getting cheesy potato soup from a deli,… Continue reading