Cheesy Potato Soup

Straight after last Saturday’s bread making I went on to make this cheesy potato soup. Once again it came about through reading a book. Someone was getting cheesy potato soup from a deli,… Continue reading

{Not Quite} Wood-Burning Oven Bread

Excuse the confusing title. Remember my post about a bread making class at a baking house last autumn? I’ve been meaning to use the recipe ever since, but never got round to it.… Continue reading

Food Photo Day

Today I have a seasonal ingredient for you, cabbage. The type you see here is an indigenous variety and its German name is Filderkraut. Fildern is an area close to our airport, and… Continue reading

Hazelnut & Marzipan Cake

As I mentioned in my Hazelnut Syrup post, not using the proper hazelnuts as per the recipe turned into making this cake. There were, in fact, three things that were responsible for this… Continue reading

Hazelnut Syrup

I’ve been meaning to make hazelnut syrup for over three months now. As usual, I read about it in a book – the protagonists were constantly drinking and mentioning hazelnut coffee. Although I… Continue reading

Happy 2017

Season’s Greetings

Sniffles-free Into The Holiday Season

A few days before my UK trip I got the sniffles. I was hoping it wouldn’t turn into a head cold or the flu, and I got a little panicky because flying with… Continue reading

Shiny Things

I recently saw a set of copper measuring spoons on the Williams Sonoma website. My favourite silicone measuring spoons broke, so I was looking for new ones anyway. Knowing that copper things are… Continue reading

Orange & Mozzarella Starter

Earlier this month I had two dentist appointments. At the first one, while waiting for my turn, I was too freaked out to read the gossip magazines – which I just realised I… Continue reading

Sorry to bother you again…

After my rant here the other week, I was updated by a helpful WP Happiness Engineer about the difference between reblogging and sharing (both legal & legit, whether we like it or not).… Continue reading

Potato & Onion Stuffed Portobellos

Even though I live in a big city, some food items cannot be come by easily. I remember my quest for yellow beet a few years ago; and just when I’d given up,… Continue reading