Advocaat Cake

My godmother has been making this Advocaat cake for years, but I’ve only managed to make it for the first time now. If you’re not familiar with Advocaat – which is called Eierlikör… Continue reading

Earl Grey Panna Cotta

Hello again, and let me say right out that I’m not going to make any excuses for why I haven’t been here in a very long while. Life just happened. Having said that,… Continue reading

Lavender Shortbread

I’m a coffee junkie but I have phases when I’d rather drink tea. When I’m out that’ll always be Earl Grey, but at home it’s a simple cup of tea with milk. Such… Continue reading

Apple & Turnip Soup

Oh my… Realising that in my last post in July I said I was back in the kitchen with full dedication, I just wondered what went wrong, where said dedication went. I guess… Continue reading

Balsamic & Cardamom Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

I’m back in the kitchen with full dedication 🙂 . When I bought all those berries for last week’s pavlova, I overdid it a little at the market with the berry buying. I… Continue reading

Summer Berry Pavlova

  I know I haven’t been here in a long while, and that’s because I currently don’t find real joy in cooking or baking. I eat a lot of the same things, like… Continue reading

Lemon Curd Babka

The weekend before last I made poppy seed babka using a recipe from Cindy at Salt and Serenity as a basis. My grandmother used to make two kinds of cake that she simply… Continue reading

Tomato Butter

Last week I got a hankering for tomato butter, which I hadn’t made in a very long time. I had my first taste of tomato butter more than ten years ago at a… Continue reading

Carrot Greens Salt

This past weekend I was browsing a German food mag site and happened upon an article about what to do with vegetable greens. The article was arguing against buying pre-packaged vegetables because they’re… Continue reading


It’s been a bit longer than usual since I’ve been here. One reason I haven’t blogged more is the usual laziness, the other is I got sinusitis again and slept through almost a… Continue reading

Blood Orange Curd

  Curd. Something I love but have shied away from for years. Why? I don’t know! It just sounded like a lot of work even though it isn’t really. Somehow something in my… Continue reading

Savoury Mulled Puff Pastry Pears

I had the idea for these puff pastry pears sitting scribbled in my notebook for a while now, the ingredients changing every time I looked at it. Initially there was a chocolate filled… Continue reading