Lamb’s Lettuce Pesto On Pan Roast Potatoes

You know me by now, I guess – some weird food idea/combination pops into my head, and I have to follow up on it. Although weird is a relative term here – I’ve… Continue reading

Citrusy Salad & Manakiseh Flatbread

At the beginning of this year I made it my goal to eat more salad. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out why by yourself… because I’m not really a salad person.… Continue reading

Sugar Baked Baby Brussels Sprouts & Fennel

So, my first post in 2014, and I’m sorry to say not a lot has been going on in my kitchen since the beginning of the new year. There’s not that much cooking… Continue reading

Gajar Ka Halwa

Although I started this year off more healthily than the last one ended, my first recipe is a dessert. That’s because the first dinner of the year, where I served this, has already… Continue reading

The Year In Food – My Personal Best Of 2013

Looking through the WordPress blog statistics, it’s very easy to find out which posts were the most popular with readers. I thought I’d end this blogging year by telling you which posts I… Continue reading

Update – Baked Apple Cordial

So I’ve been waiting to open this jar of Baked Apple Cordial since I posted the recipe on December 1st. I hope you have, too? Let me say this quickly, because it’s not… Continue reading