Swabian Cuisine – Kässpätzle

Here comes the final post in the Spätzle trilogy – Kässpätzle, the translation of which is cheese spätzle. If you’re eating out, this is also known as Käsespätzle or Kässpatzen. Although like Linsen… Continue reading

There’s Life After Easter Baking

Looking forward to the Easter holidays? So am I! Hopefully the weather will play along… Here in Germany we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off work, so we have a four-day weekend ahead… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Linsen & Spätzle

After showing you how to make Spätzle last week, today I’ll show you one of my favourite Swabian dishes they go with – Linsen (lentils) & Spätzle. I know hardly anyone who’s Swabian… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Spätzle

Spätzle – the queen among the different kinds of pasta, at least to us Swabians. Making Spätzle is an art, and just because you’re Swabian doesn’t mean you’re good at it. After I… Continue reading

Mediterranean Herb Salt

A couple of years ago I received a jar of mediterranean herb salt as a hostess gift from a friend. I loved it but used it sparingly so it would last longer. It’s… Continue reading

Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 12

The Table Extremely simple. Luckily my favourite flowers – ranunculus – are in season, so I bought a bunch at the market. I happened to have a pack of the Star-Spangled Banner as… Continue reading