Swabian Cuisine – Schupfnudeln 3 Ways

Part III – Schupfnudeln With Sauerkraut & Bacon This third version of Schupfnudeln is the most common version in Southern Germany. You will find it at beer festivals, wine festivals, any kind of… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Schupfnudeln 3 Ways

Part II – Schupfnudeln Pan-fried In Breadcrumbs As promised, here’s part two of what you can do with the basic Schupfnudel recipe. My research on this version showed it’s quite common, although I’ve… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Schupfnudeln 3 Ways

Part I – Schupfnudel Soup When I made Flädle Soup for you last year I said I would try to post more Swabian recipes here. Try being the operative word, because as usual… Continue reading

Lamb’s Lettuce Pesto On Pan Roast Potatoes

You know me by now, I guess – some weird food idea/combination pops into my head, and I have to follow up on it. Although weird is a relative term here – I’ve… Continue reading

Citrusy Salad & Manakiseh Flatbread

At the beginning of this year I made it my goal to eat more salad. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out why by yourself… because I’m not really a salad person.… Continue reading

Sugar Baked Baby Brussels Sprouts & Fennel

So, my first post in 2014, and I’m sorry to say not a lot has been going on in my kitchen since the beginning of the new year. There’s not that much cooking… Continue reading