Happy Anniversary!

I just got a Happy Anniversary notification from the lovely WordPress people saying that I registered with WP four years ago. Incredible how time flies, and also incredible how you don’t notice it… Continue reading

Guest Post: Tips For Pastry Photography

Good morning! I hope you’ve all woken up – or will be waking up if you’re in a different time zone from mine – to such beautiful sunshine as I have. A few… Continue reading

Tapas – Albondigas In Tomato Sauce

This is the third recipe from my friend’s tapas booklet. Out of the three recipes I copied, this one was the only one that wasn’t on her buffet, and I’d never had it… Continue reading

Tapas – Red Aubergines

The second one of the three tapas dishes I made is vegetarian. Although the original recipe requires anchovies, I left them out as I don’t eat seafood. Out of the three, this one… Continue reading

Tapas – Cider Chorizo

One of my friends always does a very delicious buffet for her birthday. One of the things I always look forward to on the buffet is this cider chorizo. This year I finally… Continue reading

Swabian Cuisine – Kässpätzle

Here comes the final post in the Spätzle trilogy – Kässpätzle, the translation of which is cheese spätzle. If you’re eating out, this is also known as Käsespätzle or Kässpatzen. Although like Linsen… Continue reading