Long overdue…

Way back in March, when one my posts was featured on Freshly Pressed,  I was one of 11 lucky people given a “Stylish Blogger Award” by Melissa over at Life is Grace. Thank… Continue reading

Parchment Baked Beetroot & Potatoes

Despite my mission to come up with my own recipes, I wanted to share this one with you. It’s from a German food mag called essen & trinken, and they have some fantastic… Continue reading

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

After having guests over for dinner the other weekend, I found myself with a mountain of surplus tomatoes. I made a tomato salad that required different kinds of tomatoes, so shopping for them, … Continue reading

Cherry Ice Cream

Welcome to the last of the cherry posts for the season. I had a lot of fun with this pretty fruit, and while I was preparing the cherries for this ice cream, I… Continue reading

Cherry Walnut Cookies

So I’ve used cherries from a glass for my first cherry post, and fresh ones for the second. Which left me with only one more option to try. Another variation on the basic… Continue reading

Tête de Moine with Cherry Pepper Sauce

Here comes the next installment of the cherry series. This one came about rather unplanned, as I had been meaning to make something else entirely, namely a strawberry carpaccio with Tête de Moine,… Continue reading